Cubanar Coconut Hookah Charcoal – 72 Pcs


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Experience the finest in hookah smoking with Cubanar Hookah Charcoal. Made from 100% natural coconut shells, this eco-friendly charcoal ensures that no trees were harmed in its production. Each box contains 72 cubes, sized perfectly at 25mm x 25mm x 25mm.


  • Material: 100% Natural Coconut Shell
  • Size: 25mm x 25mm x 25mm cubes
  • Ash Content: Less than 2.5%
  • Ignition Time: 3 to 5 minutes
  • Burn Quality: Burns fully from all sides, even in small pieces
  • Odor: No bad smell


  • Eco-friendly, sustainable production
  • Long-lasting and hotter burn compared to traditional charcoals
  • Produces minimal ash, enhancing the cleanliness of your hookah setup
  • Fast ignition for a hassle-free start
  • Provides a pure, natural flavor without chemical additives

Perfect for social gatherings or personal use, Cubanar Hookah Charcoal ensures a superior, enjoyable, and environmentally conscious hookah experience.