Fun party pack sukkar forks 18 pack, napkins and plates 10 pack


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  • Forks: 18 pieces
  • Napkins: 10 pieces
  • Plates: 10 pieces
  • Material: High-quality disposable materials

Fun Party Pack – Sukkar Forks, Napkins, and Plates:

Make your next picnic or party hassle-free with the Fun Party Pack. This convenient pack includes everything you need for a successful gathering, ensuring you spend less time preparing and more time enjoying the festivities.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Set:
    • The Fun Party Pack comes with 18 sukkar forks, 10 napkins, and 10 plates, providing a complete solution for your dining needs.
  2. High-Quality Materials:
    • Made from durable, high-quality disposable materials, these forks, napkins, and plates are designed to handle all types of party foods and beverages with ease.
  3. Convenient and Time-Saving:
    • This pack offers a quick and easy way to prepare for any picnic, party, or event. Simply open the pack, and you’re ready to entertain your guests without the stress of washing up afterward.
  4. Versatile Use:
    • Perfect for picnics, barbecues, birthday parties, and other social gatherings, the Fun Party Pack ensures you have all the essentials for a delightful dining experience.
  5. Attractive Design:
    • The vibrant design of the napkins and plates adds a touch of fun and festivity to your table setting, enhancing the overall party atmosphere.

Simplify your party planning with the Fun Party Pack – Sukkar Forks, Napkins, and Plates. This all-in-one pack is the perfect choice for any host looking to create a memorable event with minimal effort.

Order now and make your next celebration a breeze with the Fun Party Pack!