MATTPEAR CLASSIC Hookah – Stainless Steel


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The latest version of the MattPear Simple Hookah.

The MattPear Hookah is a combination of elegance and attractive design made in Russia and built with high quality Stainless Steel, giving it a solid build and making it built to last. It is also a great Hookah for travelling as you can easily take it apart, and take it to your friends or on holiday with you. With multiple designs available on our website, we are sure you will find one that suits you!

The Hookah comes as a complete set including Hookah Stem, Detachable Diffuser, Tray, Base, Mouthpiece, Soft Touch Silicone Hose with spring, Magnetic Purge Valve & Hose Connectors and Grommets.

The top stem sleeve is made from high quality Stainless Steel and is one piece. This makes it really easy to clean and assemble / disassemble. The Stainless Steel mouthpiece that comes with the hookah is a good size at 33cm.

The hose port and purge port connectors on this Hookah are unique; both are magnetic. They simply and securely fit onto the respective ports on the chamber. No need to fiddle around or worry it will pop out. This Hookah has a great purge (when you blow into your mouthpiece to clear the smoke from the base). The purge is very effective as it will clear your base in one purge.

This Hookah comes with a detachable diffuser so you have a choice to suit your style, whether you want a traditional rumbling effect or a diffused effect, the choice is yours. With the diffuser on you will enjoy a smooth flavourful session.

The height of this hookah from the bottom of the base to the top of the bowl port is 57cm.

The Hookah is really easy to setup, steps to assemble are below:

Screw on your diffuser to the down stem.
Screw on your down stem to the chamber.
Screw on your upper stem to the chamber and place the sleeve over the upper stem with silver ring being at the top.
Put on the tray, screw in your bowl port.
Put on the bowl grommet.
The base grommet already comes fitted onto the bottom of the chamber.
Connect the mouthpiece to one end of the soft touch silicone hose. Place the spring onto the hose and fit the magnetic hose port connecter to the other end of the hose.
Fit the stem to your base. If you experience any difficulty, we recommend wetting the base grommet a little and fit onto your stem in a screwing circular motion.
Pop in the hose port connector and purge valve onto the chamber and you’re ready to go!
The down stem has two water level lines, make sure you fill the water to the first line closest to the diffuser which is the optimal amount of water for the base. Be sure to fill the water level exactly to the line, not above or below the line.

We always recommend rinsing your new Hookah with water before use.
Cleaning is very easy too, simply rinse the Hookah stem after each use and dry with a non abrasive cloth. We also recommend thoroughly drying the magnets after every time you rinse your hookah to ensure the magnets are kept dry at all times and avoid any potential rusting.

We recommend giving your Hookah Stem a deep clean with a brush and few drops of washing up liquid at least once a week, or if you have time daily.
Rinse your base with lukewarm water adding a few drops of washing up liquid, giving it a good shake and plenty of rinses to ensure no washing up liquid residue remains. Your base will be left clean and odourless.

Russian Stainless Steel Hookahs are the best in the world as they are built to last. You won’t be disappointed with any Russian Hookah from us. We carefully select each Hookah we stock and give them a full period of testing before we decide to make them available to you. Only if we are happy, then we stock them!

The MattPear Classic Hookah comes as a Full Set Complete With:-

Stainless Steel Stem
Stainless Steel Tray
Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
Soft Touch Silicone Hose
Hose Spring
Detachable Diffuser
Magnetic Purge Valve & Hose Connector
Bowl & Base Grommets