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Where charcoal becomes an art form, transcending ordinary grilling and hookah experiences.

Hookah Charcoal

Cubanar’s hookah packages are packed with 2KG of charcoal each. The pieces are small and similarly sized, so you can set up your hookah faster instead of wasting time on breaking up the larger pieces. The glowing pieces burn slowly and for a long time to allow you to enjoy your shisha till the last breath.  You don’t have to replace the pieces several times, and the burning charcoal doesn’t mess with the taste of your shisha or mask it with a smoky flavor.

BBQ Charcoal

Our BBQ charcoal is available in bags of 4KG each. The pieces are large and will get your grill going in just a few minutes so your people won’t have to wait too long to be served anymore. Because lump charcoal is more reactive to oxygen, the flame and temperature are easier to control. This gives you the choice of fast high heat cooking when you need your meat to have a sizzling sear on the outside and a juicy inside, or low and even cooking for your fish and poultry. Your grilled dishes will get an enjoyable smoky taste, while keeping their flavors locked in.