Black Diamonds Coconut Charcoal – 96 PCS


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Easy ignition
Flammable and durable heat
Eco-friendly and long-lasting (burns up to 1.5 hours)
Low ash content


Black Diamonds Coconut Charcoal is crafted from 100% coconut shell and starch, serving as a natural binder without any chemical additives. This manufacturing process preserves the authentic flavor, making it ideal for sheesha and hookah sessions. Produced by one of the top coconut shell charcoal manufacturers in Indonesia, we prioritize high-quality, sustainable, and premium raw materials.

Enjoy a superior smoking experience with black diamonds coconut shell charcoal, known for its easy ignition, flammable and durable heat, and long-lasting burn time of up to 1.5 hours. The low ash content and tasteless nature of our charcoal ensure a clean and enjoyable session every time. Perfect for both hookah enthusiasts and BBQ lovers, Black Diamonds Coconut Charcoal guarantees consistent and reliable performance. Plus, benefit from our free delivery service in Dubai.